Wednesday, March 5, 2014

COSTUME/COSPLAY: Hikari Shimoda's ☆ Super Hero Bear & Bunny Photo Shoot! (・㉨・) ♡ /(・ × ・)\

(・㉨・) ♡ /(・ × ・)\
Super Hero Bear & Bunny Twins photo shoot!
Myself as Bear Boy Super Hero, LISXXOR cosplay
My adorable friend TENSHISAKURA Cosplay
 was my Bunny Girl Super Hero.
Location: Ohaycon 2014
Tk8919 Photography

COSTUME/COSPLAY: Hikari Shimoda's ☆ Super Hero Bunny Photo Shoot! ♡ /(・ × ・)\

♡ /(・ × ・)\ ♡
Super Hero Bunny photo shoot!
Myself as Bunny Boy Super Hero, LISXXOR cosplay
Location: Ohaycon 2014
All photos and video clips by photographer:

All .gifs made by me from Miss.Heartlessgirl's Ohayocon Fan Video!
(I linked the video so you can watch at the bottom of this post!)

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hey guys!  I'm back!
My blog got a huge makeover!
Like the new blog layout?  It finally has the aesthetic feel that represents me, my persona, and my brand. Clean, minimal, edgy, bold, with a dash of digital. [CYBERPUNK].
Wonder where the quote on my header is from and why it's there?
It's the opening sentence to my favorite book, Neuromancer by William Gibson. Seriously, go read it if you haven't already and think of me. My next collection will be based off of it.

Basically I am so proud of myself that I created the graphics and the html code to design this blog the way I wanted from the basic "bleh" blog design it was before ALL ON MY OWN. WOOO!!! Such a learning process. Thank goodness for google and friendly programers with their easy to follow tutorials.

2013 had been a year of growth for me personally and as a designer and budding creative entrepreneur.

The past year I've been teaching myself basic HTML, and other creative entrepreneur necessities like personal finance, excel, social media in marketing, and graphic design (photo retouching, and batch automating tasks!) to compliment my fashion and marketing skill set.

Also since late 2012-2014 I've been focusing on promoting and selling my remixed line, 3xHearts by Lisa Malanij, in the upcycle movement that is growing in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Collective Upcycle Boutique and the ever popular growing Cleveland Flea have been my sales stalwarts for my remixed line.  I hope to open 3xHearts online store as well coming soon!
You can learn more about 3xHearts here.

In the mean time, I have tons of backlogged events, photos, outfits, adventures  I need to catch up share with you too! While I make progress on catching up and sharing my adventures 2012-2104, feel free to drop me a message!
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