Wednesday, March 5, 2014

COSTUME/COSPLAY: Hikari Shimoda's ☆ Super Hero Bear & Bunny Photo Shoot! (・㉨・) ♡ /(・ × ・)\

(・㉨・) ♡ /(・ × ・)\
Super Hero Bear & Bunny Twins photo shoot!
Myself as Bear Boy Super Hero, LISXXOR cosplay
My adorable friend TENSHISAKURA Cosplay
 was my Bunny Girl Super Hero.
Location: Ohaycon 2014
Tk8919 Photography

I'm really happy my friend Qianqian, asked to be in my Super Hero photo shoot with me! The Super Hero Bear & Bunny shoot turned out to be super kawaii, my favorite cosplay photo shoot to date!  It wouldn't have been nearly as cute with out her!
I'm also thankful for TK8919 Photography for being willing to shoot us. It was a last minute Sunday shoot, but look at all these epic photos! 
We were able to shoot in the same tunnel between the Hyatt and Columbus Convention Center, so the shots match the same location as my Super Hero Bunny shoot.

I didn't have time to order a second gray short wig before the con. Luckily I already had a long grey wig. We improvised and made an original character - Bunny Girl Super Hero!
Ain't she cute? 
(I'm ordering another gray wig so next time she shoots w/ me we can be true boy super hero twinsies. HEHE).

In 2010 I discovered Japanese pop-artist, Hikari Shimoda
's creepy cute/kawaii magical girls and super hero saviors in their neon pastel surrealistic worlds and blank stares. I was mesmerized by her artwork and the message behind it.

My cosplay versions of the Super Heros was my way of celebrating her art through my fashion skills. Like I love these lil guys so much I want to make them real!
Originally I was only going to make the original blue Bear Boy Super Hero, but fell equally in love with the mischievous Bunny Boy Super Hero from her more recent series, "Before Words WereBorn".
Always the ambitions one, I decided to make both Bear and Bunny Super Hero outfits, since they are essentially color swaps of each other. But really I ended up making 4 different interchangeable costumes.

“この星の子ども1”Children of this planet 12012530×455mmoil on canvas
“この星の子ども2”Children of this planet 22012530×455mmoil on canvas個人蔵 Private collection
さよなら宇宙" Good-bye The cosmos2013273×220mmキャンバス、アクリル、メディウム、シール、コラージュ、油彩canvas, acrylic, medium, Stickers, Collage, oil個人蔵 Private collection

 Debuting at Ohayocon 2014 in the Magical Girls masquerade contest category -  I entered my Super Hero Bear & Bunny in the cosplay craftmanship competition... AND I WON BEST MAGICAL BOY!!! WOOO! Thank you Hikari! ~_^

Ohayocon 2014 Lineup:
Bunny Boy Super Hero - Saturday morning photoshoot + judging
Pink Bear Boy Super Hero - Saturday evening for masquerade
Blue Bear Boy Super Hero - Sunday
Bunny Girl Super Hero - worn by TENSHISAKURA cosplay


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♡ /(・ × ・)\ ♡


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