Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MAKEUP: Hikari Shimoda Cosplay Makeup

Want to recreate my custom eye makeup look from my Hikari Shimoda Super Hero cosplays? Look no further!
Because Hikari's characters are childlike and colorful, I wanted my eye makeup for this cosplay to keep that anime/manga look and really pop! Just like her lovely paintings.  Her children paintings have the most magical starry eyes. I want them!

I chose to go with multi-colored eyes to match her children's mismatched eyes, neon yellow UV and white.  Unfortunately they don't sell magical star-filled neon multicolor contacts right now :[  I was able to find heart shaped contacts, but not stars.
Black sclera contact lenses were out of my price range. I'd love to purchase some to go as her more creepier kawaii characters. 
For any Hikari look, You could choose any neon or pastel colors contacts to mismatch - from pink, blue, white, light green, purple, even black!

I made a quick cartoon sketch below of my Hikari Shimoda Super Hero makeup in pink and blue using my makeup to show you the general simple shapes.
To get this look:
  1. Eyeshadow Primer on eyelids, Face primer. Basic cover up, etc.
  2. White eyeshadow stick or cream concentrate on inner corner of eyes and brow bone
  3. Contrast color eyeshadow with rounded eyeshadow brush on outer eye/crease, and under outer eye waterline.
  4. Liquid or contrast eyeliner on outer top lid, outer waterline.
  5. Colored mascara on top and lower lashes.
  6. Blend and touch up.  Blend and add extra color where needed.
  7. Blush in small circle motions under outer eye corner.
  8. Color brows in necessary (I skipped this step since my wig hid my brows). 
  9. Exfoliate, lip primer, and/or gloss lipstick of your choice.
  10. Light dusting of an HD finishing powder to set your look!

Quick colored illustration with makeup shapes of my look ^_~
Super Hero Pink variation, both eyes
"Whereabouts of God" #3, Oil on canvas, 2012, Hikari Shimoda
Untitled, 2013, Hikari Shimoda
"Goodbye, Cosmos", Mixed media on canvas, 2013, Hikari Shimoda

Super Hero Blue variation, both eyes

Pink Super Hero variation
PINK SUPER HERO variation-
Blue Super Hero variation

BLUE SUPER HERO variation-

Same as above, except

Products used for these looks

These were super comfortable to wear!
Contacts - UV Yellow from PinkyParadise - Largest Circle Lens Store
I didn't end up using the heart contacts because they didn't look as creepy mismatched worn with the white IRL.
Pink Heart and White Out lenses from Eye Color Now

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