Monday, June 27, 2011

BLOG #009: Final Fantasy VII Extra Knights

Admittedly, I also like collecting certain nostalgic toys and action figures in addition to my collecting of clothing, accessories, makeup, and books.  When you are a kid, you are somewhat limited in purchasing or collecting certain toys that were available while you were growing up due to lack of money ($3 allowance only goes so far) or parental prohibiting.
Fast forward to 2011 where eBay can make all things possible!

Last week I had a sudden urge to make good on one of the items I've always wanted: an original Cloud Strife Extra Knights Bandai action figure.  Final Fantasy VII is hands down my favorite and millions of others favorite game.  Ever since 1997 I saw these action figures at a HMV, but my broke 12 year old self wasn't allowed to buy them.

Well look what came in the mail today!

Me and my Final Fantasy VII Extra Knights Bandai action figure set c. 1998
I'm such a happy fan girl right now <3
Originally I was just going to get myself the Cloud Strife extra knight, I didn't care if it was opened.  However through my master searching skills I was able to find an unopened box set with Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith for a little more than the unopened Cloud and opened FFVII Extra Knights set.  I wish I could open them and play with them, but the good news is that  they will be worth lots of  $$$ money in the years to come.  Guess I have to collect the rest of the characters to make my set complete.

Are there any toys you always wanted but didn't get when you were a child? What were they? Tell me in the comments section :]


  1. Came across your page with the same goal you had... That's a great find. How much did you find that set for, and where?

    Congratulations on the find!

  2. I found this Extra Knights unopened set Ebay with a lot of compulsive searching.
    I've always wanted the original 1997 Cloud Strife Extra Knight Bandai figure and I would have settled with an opened figure. But it turned out it was a better deal to get this set since this seller had it for a "buy it now" price around $56 plus $7 shipping I believe. Which is a really good price considering the bids for Japanese/opened sets were going up to $200. The sad thing is it's unopened so I feel guilty I can never take them out and play with them or have them sit on my desk.

    I hope you find yours too! FFVII rocks!

  3. i am the same as you i have always wanted a cloud strife figure. i saw the set that you have you in a shop in LA when i was taking a trip to disneyland. it was about 50 bucks and i was too young and couldn't afford it. i saved up for it and 2 years later had another trip to disneyland and went back to the same shop but it was gone. :( haven't seen the set or any of the figures since then. i still would like one though :D