Saturday, October 2, 2010

BLOG #003: Lisa Malanij and 3xHearts Official labels!

I received my official sew-in labels I made and ordered in the mail a few weeks ago, finally just got around to posting pix of them on my blog.  My labels were designed myself through Illustrator and contracted out.  I'm Pretty proud of myself, starting to get for real official!

One label is for my exclusive Lisa Malanij original clothing.  The front is my name logo, and on the reverse is my CIRCLE.SQUARE logo with website. Clever, no?

My 3xHearts label is for my reconstructed, up-cycled garments with a certain Lisa-twist.  (Also a word play on retro video games where a player starts with three lives, usually represented as three heart icons).  More on that later.
Aren't the awesome??? <3

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