Monday, October 18, 2010

BLOG #007: Lisa Malanij on LOOKBOOK.NU

For those of you familiar with the fashion style collective, LOOKBOOK.NU, you know it's one of the best open access style sites on the web.  As a designer and trend hunter, I check often to assess the current pulse of streetwear and it's style movements.  Many Lookbook posters wear and display new trends and styles that haven't reached the dreaded common mainstream yet, and display new ways to layer, wear garments and show off their individuality. is also a similar open access fashion site.

I use my page as a personal catalog of daily outfits.  My way of sharing my personal style back to the style community.  I'm certainly no professional model, but it is fun to showcase my own interesting, cute outfits and ideas with others.  I will even post some of my favorite looks here on my blog.  Though I strongly encourage every fashionista to start their own LB page :]

So fellow fans, friends, and fashionistas, I please encourage you to "Fan" me and PLEASE "HYPE" ME a lot!
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