Monday, October 18, 2010

BLOG #006: Pledge on Kickstart for Buzz & Growl - Cleveland Fashion Incubator on Kickstarter

Pledge $1-2000+ to Buzz & Growl on their Kickstarter page!

I just got off the phone with Valerie and found out about another fabulous way besides the Pepsi Refresh contest mentioned in my previous post that you can support Buzz & Growl, Valerie, and local CLE designers!!!

You can pledge any amount of money to Buzz & Growl's Kickstarterer page:

And as an expression of thanks, gifts will be given to each price level donation, such as $1 will get you eternal thanks, $10 donation will get you listed as a supporter on the B&G website, $20 will get you website cred and a limited edition Buzz & Growl book, $40 will get you a signed one of a kind sketch, so on and so forth.

I personally will be donating in the $20-$40 range.

For more info on the Cleveland Sewing Co-op Buzz & Growl, check out their official website:

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