Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BLOG #005: Klaxons @ 9.28.2010 The Basement, Columbus OH

In case you didn't know, the Klaxons are my favorite modern band.  Their breakout album, Myths of the Near Future, won many prestigious awards and earned them many loyal fans alike.  Their magic-realist lyrics and ethereal science fiction subject matter make for all kinds of intellectual cool. Not to mention they are all extremely talented and handsome English gentlemen.

I was fortunate enough to see them play in Chicago during the 2007 Pitchfork Festival.  This time around they were promoting their second album, Surfing the Void.  I was lucky enough to see them in Columbus with my dear friend Miss Megan Anne.  Opening band, Baby Monster brought the lo-fi synthy shoegaze goodness. As for the Klaxons? Oh they were incredible.  I rarely mosh or jump around in pits anymore but I totally let myself go during my favorite song Magick, and Gravity's Rainbow.

Because this is a fashion blog and my work is most inspired by music, I thought it would be cool to post recaps of concerts and bands I like to celebrate the fashion/music/pop culture I so strongly believe in.

All photos in this post are copyright to Miss Megan Anne.  I left all the photo taking to her since she has a fancy Nikon which trumps my Casio Exlim camera.

Here is a photo of myself and James, sweaty and squinty from the show but I don't care it's a fan girls dream. :]

At the end of the show, I had the chance to talk to James Righton, who also is my favorite Klaxons member.  To which I gushed they are my favorite modern band and I love em.  I even got to pass on a business card, to which he said, "Oh wow fancy a business card! How professional!" I wish I wouldn't have been so starstruck I wish I could have asked them a million things.  Including how they came up with their concept for their Magick music video.  Eh, I'll save that for next time.

So yes, my Klaxon boys, keep making excellent music, and I would love to make you guys stage outfits any day.

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