Monday, October 18, 2010


Hey girls and guys! Lisa LOOK outfit post #001!

One of current contest is running is Sony PIIQ Music Inspires Fashion contest.  A neat contest where you can post your music inspired look along with your own mix to enter.
So on top of making custom mixes, you can show off your awesome fashion style.  So if your stylish and love making playlists, give it a whirl!  You can also have more than one entry.

I'll be posting my looks in the future. For now, check out my first entry and themed playlist titled: TOXIC TEETH!
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Listen to my specially crafted playlist for this look too!: TOXIC TEETH 8track Playlist:

About this look:

My entry for's "Show Us Your Music Inspired Look" titled TOXIC TEETH.
I saw this White Mouth Rot T-shirt by FreshJive in a window display in the notorious sneaker store, Training Camp, near Bryant Park.  I just had to get it - I mean, how often do you find shirts with snarling teeth oozing neon goo? They only had XL so I made a tank dress out of it. Bonus - It even glows in the dark! One of my favorite shirts to wear out dancing.

About this mix:  TOXIC TEETH 8track Playlist:

Twelve tracks including music by Matthew Dear, Die Antwoord and IAMX.
My entry for's "Show Us Your Music Inspired Look" titled TOXIC TEETH.
This mix was crafted to go with this look sinks its teeth into your skin and oozes into your brain. Synth beats, dark infused pop over electronica pulses makes for perfect dark-lit dance floor or summer night drive under the starry sky. So have a listen! I'm sure you'll enjoy

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