Thursday, October 7, 2010

BLOG #004: Florence & The Machine Design Contest

Hello everyone!
I recently entered a neat little fashion design contest to design an outfit for the musical artist, Florence & the Machine to wear at her Terminal 5 concert in NYC.  I didn't win (due to me not having a humongous internet fanbase... yet) however I wanted to share my design for Florence with everyone since it turned out quite nice for something I whipped up in an hour.

Color illustration of Florence & the Machine costume. Copic markers, micron, colored pencils, gel pens.

As you know, I like avant garde fashion, and my dream job would be styling and creating looks for musicians, rock stars, stage artists, etc.
Here is the Talenthouse contest link:

Rough sketch of initial design, pencil and micron.

Finished design entry - color and b+w illustration, garment flats.

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