Thursday, October 21, 2010

TREND ALERT #001: Pastel and Ombre Hair

This ain't your manic-panic 'do from high school.  I'm talking about the colored hair trends that have been prevalent on the runways, style blogs, and fashion mags of Spring/Fall 2010.
Turquoise and platinum ombre hair.
Ombré, from the French ombrer meaning "to shade," is a dip-dye effect given to fabric (or hair!) in which the color is graduated from light to dark.  In the past months I myself made a leap of faith and jumped aboard the grunge/pastel hair color train.  In fact, I am currently redying my hair a shade of Manic Panic's Bad Boy Blue as I type this post.  I had been coveting the girls of the Proenza Schouler S/S 2010,, or the I<3Fake Magazine's #17 Grunge Issue.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Hey girls and guys! Lisa LOOK outfit post #001!

One of current contest is running is Sony PIIQ Music Inspires Fashion contest.  A neat contest where you can post your music inspired look along with your own mix to enter.
So on top of making custom mixes, you can show off your awesome fashion style.  So if your stylish and love making playlists, give it a whirl!  You can also have more than one entry.

I'll be posting my looks in the future. For now, check out my first entry and themed playlist titled: TOXIC TEETH!
Make sure to click the "HYPE" button to give me lots of Hype. More Hype gets me more attention!
Listen to my specially crafted playlist for this look too!: TOXIC TEETH 8track Playlist:

BLOG #007: Lisa Malanij on LOOKBOOK.NU

For those of you familiar with the fashion style collective, LOOKBOOK.NU, you know it's one of the best open access style sites on the web.  As a designer and trend hunter, I check often to assess the current pulse of streetwear and it's style movements.  Many Lookbook posters wear and display new trends and styles that haven't reached the dreaded common mainstream yet, and display new ways to layer, wear garments and show off their individuality. is also a similar open access fashion site.

I use my page as a personal catalog of daily outfits.  My way of sharing my personal style back to the style community.  I'm certainly no professional model, but it is fun to showcase my own interesting, cute outfits and ideas with others.  I will even post some of my favorite looks here on my blog.  Though I strongly encourage every fashionista to start their own LB page :]

So fellow fans, friends, and fashionistas, I please encourage you to "Fan" me and PLEASE "HYPE" ME a lot!
My page:

BLOG #006: Pledge on Kickstart for Buzz & Growl - Cleveland Fashion Incubator on Kickstarter

Pledge $1-2000+ to Buzz & Growl on their Kickstarter page!

I just got off the phone with Valerie and found out about another fabulous way besides the Pepsi Refresh contest mentioned in my previous post that you can support Buzz & Growl, Valerie, and local CLE designers!!!

You can pledge any amount of money to Buzz & Growl's Kickstarterer page:

And as an expression of thanks, gifts will be given to each price level donation, such as $1 will get you eternal thanks, $10 donation will get you listed as a supporter on the B&G website, $20 will get you website cred and a limited edition Buzz & Growl book, $40 will get you a signed one of a kind sketch, so on and so forth.

I personally will be donating in the $20-$40 range.

For more info on the Cleveland Sewing Co-op Buzz & Growl, check out their official website:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BLOG #005: Klaxons @ 9.28.2010 The Basement, Columbus OH

In case you didn't know, the Klaxons are my favorite modern band.  Their breakout album, Myths of the Near Future, won many prestigious awards and earned them many loyal fans alike.  Their magic-realist lyrics and ethereal science fiction subject matter make for all kinds of intellectual cool. Not to mention they are all extremely talented and handsome English gentlemen.

I was fortunate enough to see them play in Chicago during the 2007 Pitchfork Festival.  This time around they were promoting their second album, Surfing the Void.  I was lucky enough to see them in Columbus with my dear friend Miss Megan Anne.  Opening band, Baby Monster brought the lo-fi synthy shoegaze goodness. As for the Klaxons? Oh they were incredible.  I rarely mosh or jump around in pits anymore but I totally let myself go during my favorite song Magick, and Gravity's Rainbow.

Because this is a fashion blog and my work is most inspired by music, I thought it would be cool to post recaps of concerts and bands I like to celebrate the fashion/music/pop culture I so strongly believe in.

All photos in this post are copyright to Miss Megan Anne.  I left all the photo taking to her since she has a fancy Nikon which trumps my Casio Exlim camera.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

BLOG #004: Florence & The Machine Design Contest

Hello everyone!
I recently entered a neat little fashion design contest to design an outfit for the musical artist, Florence & the Machine to wear at her Terminal 5 concert in NYC.  I didn't win (due to me not having a humongous internet fanbase... yet) however I wanted to share my design for Florence with everyone since it turned out quite nice for something I whipped up in an hour.

Color illustration of Florence & the Machine costume. Copic markers, micron, colored pencils, gel pens.

As you know, I like avant garde fashion, and my dream job would be styling and creating looks for musicians, rock stars, stage artists, etc.
Here is the Talenthouse contest link:

Rough sketch of initial design, pencil and micron.

Finished design entry - color and b+w illustration, garment flats.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

BLOG #003: Lisa Malanij and 3xHearts Official labels!

I received my official sew-in labels I made and ordered in the mail a few weeks ago, finally just got around to posting pix of them on my blog.  My labels were designed myself through Illustrator and contracted out.  I'm Pretty proud of myself, starting to get for real official!

One label is for my exclusive Lisa Malanij original clothing.  The front is my name logo, and on the reverse is my CIRCLE.SQUARE logo with website. Clever, no?

My 3xHearts label is for my reconstructed, up-cycled garments with a certain Lisa-twist.  (Also a word play on retro video games where a player starts with three lives, usually represented as three heart icons).  More on that later.
Aren't the awesome??? <3